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At Rosenbaum Fence Company, we understand the importance of security and convenience. With our gate automation systems, you can enjoy effortless access control, enhanced security, and added convenience for your Hampton Roads property. Whether you're looking to automate an existing gate or install a brand-new system, our team of experts is here to help every step of the way.

In addition to automation, we also offer comprehensive automated gate repair services, ensuring that your gate operates smoothly and reliably at all times. We also take pride in offering a wide range of gate styles to suit your specific needs and preferences, including high-security gates designed to provide maximum protection for your property. Trust us for all your gate automation, repair, and installation needs-we're here to keep your property safe and secure.

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Experience convenience and enhanced security with automatic gates, providing seamless access control for properties in the Hampton Roads area.

Gate Safety

At Rosenbaum Fence Company, we prioritize gate safety, approaching each project with the same care and attention we would give to our own family or business establishment.

Gate automation involves the installation of motorized systems that allow gates to open and close automatically for properties across Hampton VA and the surrounding area. These systems can be operated through various methods, such as remote controls, keypads, or even smartphone apps.

There may be local regulations and requirements for automatic gates in the Hampton Roads depending on the size and scope of your project. Our team has extensive experience designing and installing gates in the Hampton VA and the surrounding area area and will help you ensure that all local codes and regulations are being followed throughout the installation process.

We sure can! The pros at Rosenbaum Fence Company can walk you through the design and selection process so that we can install the best automatic gate for your needs.

Automatic gates should be inspected regularly to ensure that the materials and machinery are in good working condition. Regularly inspect the gate materials to catch any signs of weathering, breakdown, or rusting before they compromise the integrity of your fence.

Gate safety is a priority at Rosenbaum Fence Company, and our automatic gates come equipped with safety features such as safety sensors, obstacle detection systems, and automatic reversal mechanisms, which prevent accidents and injuries by stopping or reversing the gate's movement upon detecting an obstruction.

Automated Gate FAQs

Explore our FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions about automatic gates in Hampton VA and the surrounding area.

Gate Automation FAQs in the Hampton VA and the surrounding area area
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